AI and Language 

As a self-professed language nerd who hated studying linguistics as an undergraduate and now reads the same books for fun (my 20-year-old self would be so disappointed), one of the aspects of AI that intrigue me the most is language. Nowadays, computers walk, dance, and play music. And they, of course, communicate. But can they communicate with humans –... Continue Reading →


Who’s afraid of data? Dystopic archives and libraries

Over time, we have come to perceive access to information as a staple of human existence in society, or at least as fundamental to the democratic process. Once the privilege of the elites, access to knowledge and information are at unprecedented rates thanks to achievements such as the highest literacy rates in history (86.2%) and... Continue Reading →

The Price of Data

In many ways, we are addicted to information. What became apparent for me after the two first weeks of DITA (INM348), however, if how fast things have changed in the last few decades in term of how we crave, seek, obtain, and are sometimes force-fed information compared to previous centuries, and also how, despite being... Continue Reading →

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